What is SEOWhat is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. And it defines measures that are taken to bring a website up in the search results.


The History of SEO

Long long time ago, when Google started to become popular among Internet users, it wasn’t unknown how this Search Engine ranks websites and shows some of them higher in the search results. It’s still not 100% sure how Google works.

Why is Google hiding its algorithms from us?

Well, there is no doubt that there are tons of spammers out there, trying to abuse the search system to put their own websites at the top of search results. They are greedy, they don’t care about the user experience, and they do evil stuff to achieve more. As a result, the users would see spammy pages, lots of pop-ups, lots or irrelevant pages showing for whatever you search on Google.

In other words, the Search Engine will have no choice but to hide its algorithms to avoid spammers’ exploit.


Why do you need SEO?

There is a myth among the website owners that once their site is designed and is live, the people will find the site automatically and the phones will start ringing in an hour.

Well, what happens in reality is sort of disappointing. You will create pages and put your phone number in every page, but when you search your name or the content itself, it’s nowhere in Google! You go up to page 10 and you can’t find your site listed in the results.

That’s where SEO comes in!

Search Engine Optimization tells Google, Yahoo, Bing and other SE’s that this site is serious and cares for its content. SE Optimisation will send positive signals to the SE’s about how important this site is. It will make use of the “known” criteria by which Google ranks the websites to show up higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Wait a minute! Known Criteria?

Yes! After years of working with Google, websites like neoMusing have realized what criteria Google uses to rank websites. And how did we learn those? With try and error!


Best SEO Company

A Rightful Self-Promotion?

NeoMusing has been around since 2018, but its experts started working on SEO since February 2012. It’s over 8 years of experience in Search Engines. We have found out why sometimes Google cares for “some” websites more than the others. We have tested our discoveries, gotten positive results and used them for our clients. Our clients keep working with us because our monthly operations will help the clients’ sites maintain their position in Google’s first page.


Advantages of neoMusing SEO Company

NeoMusing utilizes the state-of-the-art techniques in the SE industry to keep its clients on the first page of Google. That requires lots of daily research and keep tracking of algorithm changes. That’s why SEO as a job exists: because the clients are often too busy to keep an eye on Google or other Search Engine algorithm updates. Instead, we do it for the clients for an affordable monthly price and keep the site at the top of the competitors. It’s really important to realize that the competition is sometimes high-stakes and keeping the site up in the first page of SERPS requires constant (bi-weekly, weekly or even daily) effort from the optimisation experts.

That’s for clearing the ambiguity regarding the SEO services. Some clients assume it’s a one-time thing. It’s the contrary. The first few months require a huge amount of effort to bring the site up in the first 2 pages of Google, then as of the third month, lesser work will be required to keep the site up in the results.


How does SEO Work?

On-Page Optimization

Search Engine optimization services include on-page and off-site operations. On-page optimization involves changes in the content, headings, titles, links, etc. There are a numerous changes that must be applied to the site so Google realizes it as a well-structured website.

It’s all to improve user experience. The site’s loading speed, the absence of annoying scripts like pop-ups, the content being shown to the users, the structure of the page URL’s, and many many other items are on the checklist of on-page optimization.

Off-Site or Off-Page Optimization

Back-links, Social Media profiles, listings, in general, web presence and having roots in Internet are the criteria by which Google measures a site’s authority. We will constantly work on the site’s image in Google’s eyes so it recognizes the target site as a valuable one to show it higher and higher in the search results until it reaches page 1.

Social Media of course is a totally different type of service. Marketing in Social Media is called SMM which is a different service, but there are similarities between the two and there are joining points where combined, they can boost each other’s work.

What is SEM?

Well, driving traffic to your site can either be from Organic Search Results, which depends on SEO, or it could be direct. That means the users should have your website’s address somewhere else, like on printed ads, etc., or it can be generated by Google Ads. That’s what they call SEM which stands for Search Engine Marketing.

Content Writing for SEO

Part of the SEO work is providing useful and informative content to be published on the target site. What content? The SEO expert will tell you what topics are required and it’s the site owner’s duty to provide the content from Copywriters or at least pay the SEO expert to find SEO writers himself/herself.

But, sometimes the site owners or the SEO experts take care of the writing. But it’s not an easy task. Writing SEO Articles requires some techniques and knowledge about SEO and how the search engines work. That’s why it’s recommended to leave the copy-writing to the professionals who know what they’re doing.


SEO Services’ Timeline

Usually, it takes up to 6 months to get steady, and solid results from SEO services. Some times 4 months is enough, some times more time is required; all depending the type of market you’re in: local, regional, international, etc. And depending how competitive the target keywords are.

  • Day 1: Getting website’s credentials from the site owner. Or, agreement on prompt application of the changes by the site owner himself/herself.
  • Day 2-10: Finishing planning, on-page optimization and getting ready to order new content to be written.
  • Day 10-20: First required articles will be provided by the website owner and handed to the expert.
  • Day 21 and on: Creating high quality backlinks, handling social media profiles, increasing the site’s visibility.
  • Once a month: providing monthly all-in-one reports for the SEO service.
  • After 4-6 months: reaching the first page of Google.
  • Thereafter: Keep working on the site to maintain its position on the top of Google.


SEO Services Contract

Currently writing and designing the neoMusing SEO Contract and will provide the link to the sample contract here when ready to be downloaded.


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February 7, 2020

SEO Services

What is SEO? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. And it defines measures that are taken to bring a website up in the search results. […]