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Web Development PHP Programming OOP

Developing web applications can be a simple and easy task. Most of the times, the projects are very simple that they don’t even need programming. There are tons of Content Management Systems (CMS) out there that allow you set up your own website without needing a line of coding. WordPress is the most popular of them. With WordPress, you will be able to install your website with just a few clicks, but installing WP requires some basic knowledge of how servers works and how to create databases.

Most of the times, “procedural coding” in only one PHP page is enough to get the desired result. For example, you have a simple few-pages website and you want to show a specific item in the sidebar.

In that case, you won’t need to go through complicated solutions like MVC, PHP Frameworks, etc. You can hire a web developer who can easily write the code block and put it inside your existing codes. We at neoMusing do this constantly. When the clients come in and say they need a new function for their existing website with limited budget.


Enterprise Web Programming

On the other hand, a web-development project can be large… very large. Scalability is one of the things that could affect the programming procedure big time.

Web Development Price

A web dev. project can be as cheap as a $100 or as expensive as a $100,000 with over a year of hard working.

Procedures of Large-Scale Web Programming Projects

The more functions required in the web project, the more technicalities will be involved. MVC and OOP will be inevitable and the work should be broken down to several teams, where phenomenons such as DevOps come into play.


Big Data Programming

Do you have a huge database in your hand, millions of files to work on? Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over again? We can help you by writing bots or apps that can take care of the boring, repetitive work. We ourselves do code lots of apps to simplify our own daily tasks. We can do that for you too.

For example:

  • Crawling a website with 100’s of thousands of pages and extracting data from it
  • Re-formatting Excel files and performing Data Entry for you
  • Fixing the naming or tagging issues of thousands of files on servers
  • Collecting information from different sources and gathering data in a SQL database
  • Cleaning thousands of infected files on servers from malicious codes


Where to Find the Best Web Developer

NeoMusing is your guy. Years of experience in developing PHP applications using the latest technologies available makes neoMusing one of the top web developer teams available for your projects. Give us a call or fill out our form so we start evaluating your project for free.