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Cute and modern design using regular templates installed on Wordpress.

Content is provided by the owner, design, development, and data entry (up to 20 pages) is done by the developer.

1 month of support free of charge



Unique theme designed and installed on Wordpress

Custom codes to improve WP functionality

Data entry by the developer (up to 300 pages)

1 year support free of charge



Large scale projects

The price varies based on the scale of the project

The framework used is either Wordpress or Laravel (negotiatable)

Support and maintenance based on agreement

Let's worry about payment later.
Let's focus on how to make your website look amazing.
We'll start analyzing your project, then after agreement will proceed to payment.

What's Inlcuded in Your Web Design Plan?

When you choose each of the above plans, we will design a beautiful website for you and the features depend on the plan you've chosen. There are a few more things that needs to be taken care of so the site will be up and running:

  • A domain name (
  • A good hosting service
  • Content of the pages (the text)
  • Products images and details
  • Paid SSL certificate, otherwise we will use free SSL
We at neoMusing do our best to keep our clients happy and successful. The website we design for your business means more than just a product sales to us. It really matters to us that you succeed and improve in your business with our web-design services.

Where do I start?

You'll start your own website project by filling out the initial questionnaire. You'll answer questions like the main color, the look of the site, website layout, etc.