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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol or IP. In other words, VoIP is IP-based telephony where all devices work via a LAN (Local-area Network) or WAN (Wide-area Network).

What does that mean?

It means, you won’t have the traditional twisted pair wire to send or receive a phone call. Instead, all communication is carried out through a Network which is implemented via a CAT-5 or CAT-6 Network cable or even WiFi, and all the devices are IP-based, including the PBX (IP-PBX) and the phone sets (IP-Phone).



Advantages of VoIP

advantages of voip over pots plain old telephone system

Working under Internet Protocol, VoIP will bring lots of niceties to your office that you didn’t have before, or couldn’t get without spending lots of money for it. Here’s a list of VoIP’s added values:

  • HD voice quality
  • Video calls
  • Cheap International calls
  • Joining branches from different cities
  • Managing the IP-PBX and recorded calls remotely
  • Online answering machine
  • IVR, virtual conference room, call whisper or call barging
  • Landline on Smart-phone using SoftPhones
  • Unlimited configuration settings to tweak the PBX the way you need it


VoIP Costs

They say VoIP costs are much higher than the traditional telephony (POTS). But except in some cases, it’s not true. Maybe the phone sets are more expensive compared to the old traditional digital phones, yes, but you’re actually getting lots of new functions that you couldn’t get before. IP-Phones can send and receive SMS. Some of them can have video calls. It’s like buying a brand-new car with much more functionality.

Other than that, the cabling and wiring isn’t much more expensive compared to traditional telephony (POTS). The only difference in prices would be the usage of VoIP Gateway and IP-PBX. IP-PBX is slightly more expensive compared to PBX, depending what brands you’d like to use and what capacity is your need. And of course if you use a PC or Server for hosting a virtual IP-PBX (Asterisk, Elastix or Issabel), it would be a totally different case. The costs would be much lower because a simple PC with a Xeon CPU would be sufficient to run the OS.

In general, the biggest costs in VoIP belong to:

  • IP-PBX / Server / PC
  • The IP-Phones, VoIP Gateway
  • Passive Cabling
  • Switches routers and access points
  • Installation & Configuration fees
  • Site visit, planning, maintenance, etc.


Is VoIP Secure?

Security in VoIP defines by Network. It means as secure as your network gets, your VoIP system will be secure. If you compare it to the plain old telephony, VoIP is much more secure. But, the security needs some attention while configuring the devices. SIP protocol uses authentication for registering IP-Phones to the central communication system i.e. IP-PBX. So, if you don’t define IP white-list for devices, or don’t think of security measures, if the user and passwords are guessable, it means there’s a chance that someones finds the vulnerability, hacks the system and makes international phone calls that could create lots of costs and/or troubles for you.

Now, using complex passwords, using uncommon ports, enabling IP whitelists, enabling firewalls and other security measures will guarantee your safe being. And in that case, it will be much safer and more secure than POTS. Remember, the traditional telephony uses ONU’s (phone distribution boxes) to deliver voice service to the houses. And they are pretty available to everyone who can climb a few meters and connect their phone to the line. In VoIP, you can’t do that. Your device must register to the unified communication system and you can’t register if you don’t have access to the configuration.


VoIP Brands

Currently these brands are the market’s best offers:

  1. Cisco
  2. 3CX
  3. Yealink
  4. Gaoke
  5. Matrix
  6. Grandstream
  7. Avaya
  8. ZyXel
  9. Yeastar
  10. Panasonic
  11. NewRock
  12. Snom
  13. Sangoma

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VoIP Services in Europe

Located in Hungary, NeoMusing is capable of providing VoIP services in European countries including site visit, VoIP devices quote, planning, installation, configuration and maintenance or VoIP telephony.

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