Keyword Density Calculator

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is a parameter that indexes the frequency of using a word or combination of words in a document. Keyword Density is an important index to identify readability of a text. It is important in SEO Services and Search Engine industry, and if you’re interested in ranking on page one of Google, because spammers tend to increase the number of keyword repeats in promotional contents to persuade search engines rank their target pages higher than they deserve. That’s why this factor determines misusing search engines’ weak spots to manipulate SERPs and make money via search engines. The whole reason of existing keyword density as a thing is to prevent such malpractice and ensure the users will have a pleasant experience exploring web.


How to Calculate Keyword Density?

You can easily calculate keyword density with this formula:

Keyword Density = (Number of Repeats of a Keyword ) / (Number of the Total Words) * 100 %

Keyword Density Formula

How to Calculate Keyword Density

This is for One-Word Terms. Something like “Tshirts” or “Cameras”. But what if there are Key-Phrases in the text that are repeated? The answer is: It doesn’t matter. You calculate two-worded key phrases with the same formula as one-words. Same goes with three-word or four-worded keywords and so on.

For example, if your document has 10 words. And you have the key phrase “Rolex Watches” repeated twice in the content, the KD will be 40%. Some people double this score because there keyword has two words which is not correct. The keywords density is not 80% in that sentence. It’s 40%.


Best Keyword Density Checker Tool

We have evaluated several Keyword Density Checker Tools before developing this one. Most of them make a bad mistake. For example, there is article “the” in the text, they will not strip it out from the text. They will read all useless words and count them in the text. In NeoMusing Keyword Density Calculator, things are different. We remove non-useful words like “the, as, if, or, with, etc.” and calculate other important words in the text. And one other mistake which is even worse, is that they look inside words so “the” will be considered repeated if their tools find it inside “thermal”. This is ridiculous! It should never be counted as a repeat when it’s found as a part of another word. This issue is also resolved in NeoMusing Keyword Density Checker Tool. That’s why we claim that we have the best Keyword Density Checker tool.

Moreover, NeoMusing KD. Calculator reads two-word, three-word, four-word, five-word and six-word keywords in the text and calculate their frequency to make sure no keyword combination is missed out when calculating KD. As far as we know, this tool is the best among its competitors. No need to mention that it doesn’t need to refresh and fetches the results via Ajax call and thus is much faster than other calculators.

If you’re interested in this tool, you can check this page for more free SEO Tools.


What is the Google Ban Threshold of Keyword Density in a Document?

or: What Keyword Density is ideal for articles?

This is a good question. Google from one hand has its own secret algorithms to determine readability of a text by measuring keyword density. On the other hand, density will indicate the readability and the good dispersion of keywords inside an article.

Tip: To Google, keyword density should not exceed 7% for any keyword or keyword combination

Keep that in mind that if you use too many keywords in a paragraph next to each other, it will be considered as keyword stuffing. And it’s the worst thing an SEO Expert may to do force the search engine take this content seriously, but it will have reverse effect on rankings when you do that.

Instead, you should keep Keyword Density (K.D.) under 5% (ideally: 2-3 percent) because an over-optimized text will be hard to read and also will be banned by Google (some times permanently).


Future Features!

We have decided to make this tool multilingual so you can input Arabic and other unicode languages as well. It will be added very soon. Additionally, we have enabled comments for this page so you can report bugs (if any) or make suggestions to make this tool better. Hope you enjoy using this free SEO tool.

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