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neoPV Photo Viewer
NeoPV is the most lightweight, simple, fast and straightforward image viewer you can find in Windows applications. It's free to use and doesn't need to be installed. NeoPV photo viewer supports the following image formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • TIFF
  • JFIF
We may add more extensions in the next versions.
neoPV image viewer

How does neoPV Photo Viewer Work?


.NetFramework is the only prerequisite of neoPV. No installation is needed. You put neoPV.exe somewhere in your computer and then associate files with it. In settings, you'll find options to associate file extensions with neoPV, but since this method is no longer working in Windows 10, you must do this manually for now. In future versions, we may make this happen in via the settings.

Associating Image Files with NeoPV

In order to associate images extensions (jpg, png, etc.) in Windows 10, you must go to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Make a File Type always open with a specific program:
Control Panel Default Programs Windows 10
It takes a while to open the list of all extension default programs. Then you find your desired extensions and change the default program by clicking on Change Program button on the top right corner. Then in the opened window click on "More Apps" and browse neoPV to be chosen as the default photo viewer.
Change Default Programs Association Windows 10
All done! And no need to restart the computer!

How to Use neoPV Photo Viewer

Now when you click on images, they automatically open with neoPV. Here are some functions and their shortcut keys:
  • Left Arrow: Previous Image
  • Right Arrow: Next Image
  • Delete: Instantly Delete Image (Be careful with it; it doesn't sent images to Recycle Bin.)
  • Mouse Scroll: Zoom in and out
  • Right Click: Reset Zoom
  • Mouse Click and Drag: Move Image
  • Middle Click: Copy Image Path
If you like this app, please rate it, and if you have suggestions to improve it, let us know by commenting. Likewise, if you come across any error, please report in the comments so we fix them. Enjoy exploring images!
lightweight picture viewer functions
neoPV fast Photo Viewer Buttons Features
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